Communication Challenge: Word Wars! By Monique Hammond

  It is well-known that if somebody has a hearing loss, those around him or her acquire a communication challenge. Especially if hard-of-hearing partners used to have normal hearing, it is easy to forget that although they might look and act the same some things have drastically changed in their […]

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For Quiet Times: Tinnitus Awareness Week by Monique Hammond

  There is not a dull day in the world of hearing loss during the month of May! From the 19th to the 25th Tinnitus Awareness Week is embedded into May, our yearly Better Hearing and Speech Month. Tinnitus, the “phantom of the ear” as I call it in my […]

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In the Interest of Quality of Life: May is Better Hearing and Speech Month By Monique Hammond

“One in Five Americans Has Hearing Loss.” With this headline Johns Hopkins researchers gained the media’s attention in November 2011. They found that 1 in 5 Americans 12 years of age or older has a degree of hearing loss sufficient to interfere with daily communication. The numbers of those with […]

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