Hearing as a Diagnostic Tool by Monique Hammond

What? My blood pressure was not audible? Certainly, there are always “firsts” in life, but the young assistant at the doctor’s office had me perplexed. Blood pressure is another little issue that I am working on, and throughout the years it has always been quite detectable. Could I claim success […]

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Endoscopy of the Inner Ear? Cool! By Monique Hammond

When I suffered a sudden hearing loss, I was told that my inner ear had taken a hit. I naturally wondered what had happened, but nobody knew for sure. There were plenty of theories but few specifics. How extensive was the damage? Did I suffer nerve damage? Hard to tell! […]

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Tele-Audiology by Monique Hammond

By now we have all gotten used to the fact that we can have a doctor’s consult via computer; an EKG by phone etc. That is called “telehealth.” A new division of telehealth is tele-audiology. The patient is in one location, the hearing specialist in another – miles apart: Your […]

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