Communication Issues? Get a Professional Opinion.

Well-developed communication skills connect us socially, emotionally and professionally. They depend on the interaction between hearing, speech and language. Any problems  call for a professional opinion. Although this is true for adults, it is especially true for children. Childhood communication gaps do not fix themselves. Good hearing greatly eases the […]

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Hearing Loss: Make Valentine’s Day Messages Count!

This year, make your Valentine’s Day messages count for those among your friends and loved ones with hearing loss. Remember that their biggest issue is understanding speech in background noise. Yet, just like anybody else, they delight in being told that they are loved and appreciated. Having to ask over […]

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Communication: May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Better Hearing and Speech Month? Who knew? The hearing loss and speech professionals know, but does the general public know? After all, those are the people who should know about efforts to highlight these communication issues. In order to spread the word, we would need some robust media exposure. Though […]

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