Three Strategies for Hearing Loss Prevention.

Three Strategies for Hearing Loss Prevention.

Don’t sacrifice quality of life to hearing loss! Instead, keep on hearing better, longer with these basic, common-sense strategies for hearing loss prevention.

1) Never, ever ignore symptoms – acute or chronic.

Acute “ear” symptoms can come on suddenly and are hard to dismiss. Depending on their cause, they involve pain, dizziness, fluctuating hearing, sudden hearing loss, feelings of ear pressure or fullness, ringing in the ears, itching, draining and burning. Eventually, persistent pain, discomfort and worry convince people to go to the doctor.

Chronic, painless symptoms that point to hearing loss do not garner the same attention. People might not notice that sound – speech and music – is becoming increasingly dull. Pretty soon others seem to mumble and understanding speech in noise is just about impossible. Annoying but painless feelings of fullness or dullness in the ears are a fact of life. Often tinnitus, the infamous buzzing or ringing in the ears becomes the motivation for getting a medical opinion on the issues.

Whenever the ears produce symptoms, they are talking to us and it is best to heed their message. Check it out and get help.

2) Avoid excessive sound exposures – on and off the job.

Excess noise ages ears prematurely. It is poison to the ears. Period. Of all the causes of hearing loss, we have the most control over the sound levels in our lives. But we must choose to exert that control. Turn down the volume today in order to keep on hearing tomorrow. Learn how to use ear plugs and ear muffs correctly and protect the ears whenever and wherever it is loud. Nature does not care where excessive sound insults originate. So, when it comes to hearing loss and noise, Think Choice!

3) Stop smoking and vaping

It has been found that smokers are more susceptible to hearing loss than those who do not smoke. Both active smoking and also secondhand smoke are harmful to the ears in many ways. Children who grow up around smokers tend to have more middle ear infections.

When it comes to vaping, caution is a great strategy. What kind of chemicals are in those unregulated brews anyway? Might some of them cause hearing trouble? Australian musician Rob Swire believes that a vaping solvent might have caused his temporary hearing loss. True? False? Who knows? Mr. Swire says that he has quit vaping. He does not want to take any more chances. Such a scare!

Efforts at preventing hearing loss are an investment. An vestment in quality of life for now and for the future—so that the day never comes when sound turns dull and the music dies. There is so much to be heard and enjoyed!


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