Boston: And Now for the Invisible Injuries – Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, PTSD… By Monique Hammond

News coming out of Boston has dominated the airwaves for some time. Stories both heroic and horrific have moved us in many different ways. Doctors report injuries reminiscent of those suffered by soldiers in combat situations. Certainly, we have seen many pictures of disabling, gruesome wounds. Yet, beside the obvious […]

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Hearing Loss is a Chronic Condition. Learn about it! By Monique Hammond

Hearing used to be my keenest sense. My father kidded me that I heard the grass grow. When I asked for a dog for safety reasons, he rebuked my request with the comment that I would hear any burglar long before the dog would. That was then. This is now.   […]

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Hearing Loss as a Social Issue. Let’s Talk About it! By Monique Hammond

At a presentation I misspoke and called hearing loss a “social disease” instead of a social issue. This got a big laugh and we were off to a good start. Yet, as the discussion evolved, I felt that maybe I had not been so terribly wrong after all. The topic […]

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