Listening Effort: When Hearing Becomes a Tiring Chore by Monique Hammond

About a month after I suffered a sudden left-sided deafness accompanied by a hefty vertigo attack I felt ready to head back to work. I had managed to be somewhat stable on my feet and, although distorted, a bit of hearing had returned. However, the inpatient pharmacy of the rather […]

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Emotions! The Often Neglected Part of the Story of Hearing Loss by Monique Hammond

Dealing with the physical fallout of my sudden hearing loss was distressful to be sure, but it turned out not to be the major challenge of the whole episode. I learned to deal with the never-ending tinnitus, the balance issues and the garbled hearing. After numerous trips to hearing specialists […]

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More Bone Conduction News: The BCI by Monique Hammond

A Bone-Conduction Implant! Wow! Technology truly never takes a holiday.   But first a short recap: Sound that reaches our inner ears gets there in two ways – air-conduction and bone conduction. Standard hearing aids use air-conduction for relaying signals to the inner ear. This explains why such devices might […]

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