No More Noisy Toys for Children! by Monique Hammond

I will always remember the terrified face of a two-year old boy who received a very special toy for his birthday: an airplane big enough for him to sit in. Punching the buttons on the dashboard produced realistic, howling engine noise. The child screamed, held his ears and scrambled to […]

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Auditory Deprivation Worsens Hearing Loss By Monique Hammond

It is often said that we actually hear with our brain: until the brain has decoded and interpreted the signals relayed by the ears, the sounds that we hear will not be understood or will not make sense.   In a process known as “auditory deprivation” neglected hearing loss robs, […]

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Noise-induced Hearing Loss: Every Insult Counts! By Monique Hammond

It is known that repeated, prolonged exposures to excessively loud sound will eventually lead to hearing loss. Sudden, very loud insults, such as gun shots or fire cracker explosions can lead to immediate, permanent ear damage. But what about those isolated, ear-numbing episodes that we seem to “recover” from?    […]

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