International Noise Awareness Day

This year, on April 25, we celebrate International Noise Awareness Day, a day when we give our ears a break. It is true that we live in an increasingly noise-polluted world surrounded by increasingly loud machinery, entertainment gadgets and even toys. Excess noise, however, can put our hearing in serious […]

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Excess Noise as a Business Strategy?

How I related to the March 29, 2012 article written by Bill Ward, a Minneapolis Star Tribune journalist: “Restaurants exercise sound judgment.” In brief, the issue at hand dealt with noise abatement efforts at restaurants. I used to enjoy eating out, but lately restaurants figure on my list of places […]

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Telling Left from Right

During one of my early forays into the hearing aid jungle, I sat waiting my turn in a rather huge audiology clinic. The door opened and an older couple stepped up to the desk. The lady was at wits end and wanted a second opinion. She related that she spent […]

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